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How to apply for a job - að sækja um vinnu (fjarkennt)

17. september 2024

Að sækja um vinnu - fjarkennt námskeið á ensku. 

The aim of this training is to learn how to correctly build your CV, create an application and write a cover letter. Participants will learn what software may be used for free to make their documents more attractive, what sites to use for job searches and how to communicate with potential employers. 


  • Basics of CV creation
  • Canva - a free programme that can make your application more attractive.
  • Cover letter - what is it and how to write it correctly.
  • Job search sites in the West Fjords
  • How to write an application email correctly
  • Q&A session

The session is delivered in the form of a training course (4 hours).

Date and time: Tuesday September 17th and Thursday September 19th at 10:00-12:00.
Language: English.
Location: Online.
Price: 13.900 kr.
Trainer: Martyna Glowczyk

Martyna Glowczyk has a background in Management, Human Resource Management and Crisis Communication. She owes her extensive experience to her work as a Human Resource Manager in a salmon farming company and as a Quality Assurance Specialist in an international medical device company.

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